ABC Services, Support, and Contracts




CUSTOM LOGOS—We will gladly customize your ABC Accounting software to print your invoices, work orders, and statements with your business logo.


AUTOMATED PRICE LIST UPDATES—We can program the price listing data you receive from your manufacturer to automatically update your existing inventory records.

MULTIPLE WORK STATIONS—ABC Accounting can be run on dozens of workstations at once. Contact your ABC Accounting representative to find out about getting more work stations set up for your business.


DATA SECURITY—Every ABC multi-user system, with a workstation configured similarly to the base, is set up so that the workstation could be used as the base in case of problems with the base computer.

Another available service to enhance Data Security is Data Backup Verification. This means that, for a minimal fee, we can periodically test your data backups for you to make sure that your backup system is working properly. Backing up your data on a timely basis is very important for successful computing.


SEMINARS—We offer a series of hands-on seminars to help you with using ABC Accounting and making your business work for you. Courses are run during the day or in the evening and cover a variety of subjects. Call us for information concerning upcoming seminars.




PHONE/REMOTE ACCESS SUPPORT—We want you to get the help you need when you need it. You may feel free to call at any time about any question, and we will do our best to help you. ABC personnel have taken calls about hardware problems, software problems, information entry problems, and even quite a few accounting problems.

If we cannot give you an answer over the phone, we may need to access your computer via modem or cable. Often problems can be efficiently solved in this way.


ON SITE SUPPORT—If we cannot solve your problem from our office, we will be glad to set up an appointment to come to your place of business and fix your computer problems on site.


EMERGENCY SUPPORT—If you feel you could need support from ABC Accounting personnel outside of business hours, consider purchasing the 24-hour emergency service contract discussed later in this section.




ABC Service Contract—In order to provide fast, reliable repair service at a reasonable price, we offer a service contract to all of our customers with ABC equipment. For a low monthly fee we will maintain an inventory of parts and equipment to keep your system operating. Our intent is to have your system operating as quickly as possible after we are notified. There will be no charge for non-expendable parts to get the equipment operating or for the labor to replace them. If the repairs cannot be made within reasonable time, we will provide temporary replacement equipment.

(Customers with equipment not covered by a service contract may rent replacement equipment from us if it is available. We reserve the right to pick up such equipment if it is needed by a customer with a service contract. )


Note: Travel time and expense to and from your place of business may be additional charges. If a service contract is not purchased before our normal one-year warranty is expired, the equipment must be inspected and/or repaired at regular time and material rates.


Items not covered by a contract:






24 Hour Emergency Support Contract—A special service contract can be purchased offering 24 hour emergency support. Service contracts will be billed 30 days before the period covered and must be paid by the start of the period for the contract to be valid. Service contracts in excess of $100.00 per month will be billed each month. Other service contracts will be billed quarterly.