Version 15 New Features


  • Access from browser client (phone, tablet)
  • Super search on report names
  • More screen reports are sorted newest to oldest (browser & html)
  • Doc manager, option to auto-create folder structure for each record
  • More long text fields
  • Email invoices and PO’s


  • Inventory value for any date
  • Import inventory count files on = screen
  • Option to include or exclude freight from list price updates


  • Tracking non-bill amount per vendor
  • Display total on A/P check writing selection screen
  • Add A/P option for electronic payments
  • Function to convert item to remark on bill
  • Add ‘copy block’ option to vendor


  • Group sending invoices and statements
  • Option to turn off work order lookup on customer entry on R and M screens
  • Indicator on work order for alternate parts available
  • Indicator on work order for item out of stock, but enough on vendor order
  • Function to convert item to remark on work order, & invoice
  • UPS and Fedex Tracking Numbers, one-click tracking
  • Added address and verify links to the invoice, work order, and name screens
  • Deposit screen has amount tendered and change
  • Deposit screen, double-click to auto-pay invoice can use NIA credit
  • Reprice items and update G/L#’s when changing customer or customer type
  • Gross profit % on work order save
  • Margin option on pricing
  • F5 refresh payment info
  • New duplicate function starts from existing record and adds “reverse” and other options
  • Always Sell on customer screen auto-adds customer-specific items

Financial & Payroll

  • 6-digit check numbers
  • Add summary option to report 4-40, for summary by category
  • Added address and verify links to the employee screen
  • Expanded employee info

Numerous minor enhancements