DittoDat Lookups

A DittoDat lookup shows what you have entered in this field on other records allowing you to quickly “Ditto the Data” onto this record.

To set up A DittoDat lookup on the Ship Via field on the customer screen:

  1. Press Ctrl+G on the Ship Via Field.
  2. Note that it is Field Number “14″ (Do not use Location).
  3. Go to the `x screen (F10 ` x)
  4. Enter the File you are working with (i.e. C for Customer).
  5. Enter the Field Number as a 3 digit number (014)
  6. In Description enter ShipVia (This will show at the top of the lookup).
  7. In Filter Type enter :14
  8. Press F12 to save the lookup configuration.

There is now a lookup on the Ship Via field of the Customer screen. This lookup will show all the ship via settings that are currently in your system. To add another item to the list, simply enter it on a customer and it will automatically show up the next time you use the lookup.

Optional Additional Filtering

  1. Add :4 to the Filter Type (Field 4 is ZIP Code).

Now when you use the lookup on the Ship Via field, you will only see the Ship Via settings that were entered on other customers who have the same ZIP Code as the customer currently on the screen. For example: if the current customer has a ZIP Code of 17067, the lookup will only show the Ship Via settings you have used with other customers in the 17067 ZIP Code.

Note: you may add as many fields to the filter as you wish.

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