Predefined Lookups

A Predefined Lookup shows you a predefined list of choices and (optionally) forces you to choose one of them.

To set up a Predefined Lookup on the Print Code field on the customer screen:

  1. Press Ctrl+G on the Print Code Field.
  2. Note that it is Field Number “8″ (Do not use Location).
  3. Go to the `x screen (F10 ` x)
  4. Enter the File you are working with (i.e. C for Customer).
  5. Enter the Field Number as a 3 digit number (008)
  6. In Description enter PrintCode (This will show at the top of the lookup).
  7. Press F12 to save the lookup configuration.

To Add Items to the List:

  1. Enter N in the Suffix Field.
  2. Enter Newsletters in the Description Field.
  3. Press F12 to save the item.
  4. Enter P in the Suffix Field.
  5. Enter Payroll in the Description Field.
  6. Press F12 to save the item.

There is now a lookup on the Print Code field of the Customer screen listing the two Print Codes we have added to the list.

Optional Settings on the Original Record (C 008)

  • Blank = Not Required.
  • R = Field must have something in it to before the record can be saved.
  • L = Field must be filled with an item from the list.
  • O = Field is optional but if it is filled, it must be from the list.
  • Used by the Phone Dialer to determine in what order to display the phone numbers it has found when you press Ctrl+T.
  • Can be set automatically by running ScreenGoSub”190″,”40″ from the screen you want to set. This will cause the phone numbers found by the dialer to display in the order that you would come to them on the screen as you scroll through the fields.
  • If you would like “Home/Cell” numbers to appear at the top of the dialer list, simply set the Screen Tab Order to 1 on record “C 027″.

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