Install the Creditline server and use the Creditline option on the ABC Client installer. Download the Creditline server from: To configure the user interface use the ABC version of CLCUI.ini attached to this page. Save it to \911\BIN\ after installing Creditline server.

Test System
You can setup and configure a complete working system without purchasing a Creditline license. Use Creditline Manager to enter settings in the Configuration menu. Do the Business Configuration first, followed by Connection Configuration. Then use the Authorization Configuration to set which cards are accepted, but skip the Merchant Setup in this menu. Next, do the Settlement Configuration and check the box to Apply to Auth(s). If any cards have a different processor, change them last.

See this page for processor-specific configuration details:


To enable batch settlement you will need to have a licensed copy of CCV_INFO.DAT. The license is tied to the merchant account info. If you change the merchant account you will need to purchase a “switch” license for half price. License here: You can also reset a password using this site.

Share the \911 folder on the server with read/write access for the workstations. Configure the CardProcessing record in the zero screen. Import the attached cardprocess.742 file if you need the file structure. Set the server name as needed, referencing the shared location of the 911 folder.

On the client, configure Settings | Advanced Setup Options | Credit Card Processing on each client. Be sure to select a company.

Crashing problem in CLCUI.EXE, the card processing module on the client, may be related to a firewall. Enable CLCUI.EXE in the firewall on the workstation.

How to setup auto-settle:

Test URL’s 404′s are OK.

November 24, 2014 update, how to install 4.1.3 for MC mandate:

  1. Settle current batch
  2. Download and install server from:
  3. Download CLCUI.ini (below) to \911\BIN on server. This installs our user interface settings.
  4. Close ABC Client. Copy clc.dll and CLCAPIW2.dll from \911\BIN on server to \ABC Software\Client4 on all ABC users. Or download from links below.
  5. Run a test transaction through ABC card processing.



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