Merchantware Paylink (not for new installations)

Install Merchantware Paylink on each workstation. You can have Merchant Warehouse support staff do this remotely. In the ABC Client go to Settings | Advanced Setup Options | Credit Card Processing. Choose the company first, and then choose Merchantware. In ABC, configure the CardProcessing record in the zero screen. Edit the ! record.

If using a Verifone 1000SE pinpad with a serial interface, the default settings are 1200 baud, even parity, 7 data bits, 1 stop bit. You will need to configure Paylink to these settings. Merchant Warehouse support apparently doesn’t know this.

Import the attached .742 if you don’t have a CardProcessing file structure.

For Canadian zip codes, enter 00000 to avoid the “Digits only” error message.

Refunds can be processed only with credit cards, not debit. You must enter the ID Number of the original transaction into the Reference# field.

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