Version 15 Downloads

Date/time stamps indicate when the file was uploaded to the server. Do not overwrite files except with newer versions.
This list lives at /wiki/wp-content/v15.php

Requires minimum of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile

Tool to check .NET version: ASoft .NET Version Detector

Will be using 2015 redistributable: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
Current server time: 02/06/16 20:16:38 UTC.

Date/Time File Name Size Description
01/19/16 20:14:08SetupServer15_2_0_727.exe17271704 Version 15 Installer, with files required by 15.04.
12/04/15 01:10:23SetupServer15_2_0_717.exe17097725 Version 15 Installer, automatically checks for .Net 4 and VC++ 2015
10/28/15 20:48:24SetupServer15_2_0_712.exe17104655 Version 15 Installer, automatically checks for .Net 4 and VC++ 2015
08/25/14 15:53:40SetupServer15_1_0_626.exe6310803 Version 15 Installer
08/14/14 17:05:59SetupServer15_1_0_624.exe6313890 Version 15 Installer
01/19/16 19:20:04abcdll.zip1283405 Version 15 dll package
10/31/14 12:12:40FieldNames.742214551 Field database for Client5
01/19/16 19:11:54../setupclient4_1504_0_45.exe35030024 Replaced Invoice.emf with Invoice.jpg, added "di" (dialog) distpach, no longer crash on tapi driver errors, custom dialog box for control of positioning on large screens.
11/04/15 14:59:39../setupclient4_1500_0_47.exe34923256 Removed blat and added mailsend. Fixed text selection on find box on super search lookups. Fixed editing workorder line items.
09/02/15 15:00:48../setupclient4_1500_0_43.exe34453504 Support card processing with Cayan via Genius. Fixed memory leak on report shading.
04/04/15 13:00:23../setupclient4_1500_0_38.exe34451480 Support card processing with Cayan via hosted page.
03/04/15 21:26:09../setupclient4_1500_0_32.exe34448528 Updated blat to version 3.2.4, fixed tab order on email screen, and enabled password mode on number pad. Also added dispatch to configure pdfcreator, with option to turn off auto-open.
02/09/15 16:51:27../setupclient4_1500_0_30.exe34377560 Updated Teamviewer to Version 10.
01/22/15 15:20:19../setupclient4_1500_0_29.exe34755272 Skip url encoding on local files.
01/14/15 20:21:44../setupclient4_1500_0_27.exe34755328 Fix auto sizing window when maximized, url encoding, and allow more second level tabs.
11/14/14 17:41:31../setupclient4_1500_0_24.exe33184512 Add new help. Fix 254 screen fonts on all small themes. Correct url encoding.
10/31/14 15:03:45../setupclient4_1500_0_23.exe32951168 Fix calculator problems, expanded textbox minimum width, and overwrite message.
10/03/14 16:17:24../setupclient4_1500_0_22.exe32950936 Add GUI for choosing custom browser. Support using custom browser for all links. Add hosted page credit card processing.
06/10/14 19:06:52../setupclient4_1500_0_14.exe32831648 Allow disabling PDF Creator configuration. Handle Tab markdown in long accumulator.
05/20/14 21:24:26../setupclient4_1500_0_13.exe32831176 Added Auto Size Window, Teamviewer, and PDF Creator.
02/26/14 15:20:00../setupclient4_1500_0_6.exe8041288 Added "cg" dispatch to get clipboard text back to server.
01/19/16 20:10:37abc15.04.fmt792916 Version 15 FMT Requires DLLs built after 1/18/2016 and Client4 version 4.1504 or later.
01/19/16 20:10:40abc15.04bc.fmt824090 Version 15 FMT (Includes barcoding and credit card modules.) Requires DLLs built after 1/18/2016 and Client4 version 4.1504 or later.
12/24/15 21:35:40abc15.03.fmt790652 Version 15 FMT
12/24/15 21:35:40abc15.03bc.fmt818948 Version 15 FMT (Includes barcoding and credit card modules.)
11/22/15 03:36:44abc15.02.fmt787654 Version 15 FMT
11/22/15 03:36:45abc15.02bc.fmt815950 Version 15 FMT (Includes barcoding and credit card modules.)
09/24/15 15:16:45abc15.01.fmt782978 Version 15 FMT
09/24/15 15:16:45abc15.01bc.fmt806964 Version 15 FMT (Includes barcoding and credit card modules.)
08/28/15 18:42:40abc15.00.fmt776084 Version 15 FMT
08/28/15 18:42:40abc15.00bc.fmt800070 Version 15 FMT (Includes barcoding and credit card modules.)
06/13/15 15:56:20abc15rc4.fmt772270 Version 15 FMT
06/13/15 15:56:22abc15rc4bc.fmt795162 Version 15 FMT (Includes barcoding and credit card modules.)
03/27/15 14:14:35abc15rc3.fmt769676 Version 15 FMT
03/27/15 14:14:35abc15rc3bc.fmt793824 Version 15 FMT
02/14/15 06:17:30abc15rc2.fmt767892 Version 15 FMT
02/14/15 06:17:31abc15rc2bc.fmt789962 Version 15 FMT
01/23/15 21:28:08abc15rc1.fmt766188 Version 15 FMT
01/23/15 21:28:05abc15rc1bc.fmt788054 Version 15 FMT
10/03/14 20:00:43abc15a4.fmt760096 Version 15 FMT
10/03/14 20:00:42abc15a4bc.fmt781914 Version 15 FMT
11/27/13 17:06:47abc15a3.fmt747958 Version 15 FMT
08/30/12 21:14:40abc15a2.fmt736450 Version 15 FMT
06/19/12 18:52:26abc15a1.fmt732522 Version 15 FMT