Master Directories

The ABC native database uses a tree directory structure. The standard installation uses master.dat as a directory of company data files. The master directory is at offset 0 in the master.dat file. The company data files use names like 01comp.dat, 02comp.dat, etc. There is a master directory at offset 0 in each company file to direct file tables to different data files. The directory of data blocks starts at offset 1 and is normally 25 blocks long. Use at least 14.08 to edit the master directories.

To convert from a single file system to a multiple file system:

  1. Pack the data using the \ screen. Set the backup device to the destination file. CS 42,1,32768,32768,25 is the usual command.
  2. Run 8-13 on the packed data to determine the highest block used. Also check the number of records.
  3. Initialize your multi-file system by packing empty.dat into 01comp.dat. This keeps the master directory at offset 0. Copy empty.dat to 00param.dat, 00common.dat, 00help.dat, 00sort.dat, 00invmas.dat, and 01audit.dat. Make sure your empty.dat has a 25 block directory.
  4. Switch to the multiple file system. On the W screen use Alt+Y, <space>P, 01comp.dat, 0 offset.
  5. Set device Q to the packed data file.
  6. Important! Set your #Bfr parameter to less than 500. This disables the ‘block directory’.
  7. Use WUTIDIRBUILD to move data from the packed file into the multiple file system. Start at block 25. End at the highest block used reported in step 2.
  8. When complete, run 8-13 and compare number of records with number of records reported in step 2.

Caution! Version 13 does not report startup errors properly. It also does not automatically provide the minimum 10 companies on an enterprise authorization. If the server fails to startup in multi-company mode, check your authorization. Without the enterprise package, it will allow up to three companies.

Some ready-made files are available below. You may need to use Internet Explorer to get good downloads.

master.dat (Master directory for 3 companies with demo data as company 2)
master3.dat (Master directory for 3 companies, no demo data)
master6.dat (Master directory for 6 companies)


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