Remote Sync

Remote sync for off-line laptops is available as an addon module.

The laptop runs a local server and client. Install the standard multi-company master directory on both the server and the laptop. Configure the multi-location parameters for reference number series in the system setup screen to provide a different set of reference numbers for each database

Use 7-41 to hot-sync

When copying 01comp.dat from office to laptop or vice versa you need to change parameters in # screen. Also, verify the ip address is correct the first time you run 7-41!

The office computer needs a user dedicated to remote sync. Configure for port 20 in dev 1 & 2, no console device. Port 20 (both systems) is type 11, address 20, IRQ 16, buffers 30000.

0 screen, Alt+T, ABC_Transfer for remote sync setup
R001 on office, setup for laptop
Sample setup: read/write: CIo
read only: =BOPTabcdefglv.(ZEGJKNSVYj1<AFHQRWinD

Use the utility W_UT_TRSPTR in the W screen to display and change pointers
if error remote ptr <> server ptr. Set higher pointer to lower.
R001 remote record on server, S000 server record on laptop.

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